Counted: An Oakland Story

During 2017, a team of Snap Judgment producers, together with Oakland activists and parents, learned about Oakland’s homicide victims, their families and communities. “Counted: An Oakland Story” is a yearlong look at the people lost to Oakland’s violence.

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The story begins on the lawn of St. Columba Church in Oakland, where a white cross is placed in the ground for every homicide victim in the city. On the last day of the year, each name is read and each cross is pulled from the ground. For a few days in January, an empty church lawn on San Pablo Avenue represents a prayer for a peaceful year.

Beginning with the year’s first homicide, January 4th, we attempted to report on every murder in the city of Oakland for the year of 2017. One of the first people we met was a man named Daryle Allums, who lost seven friends and family members to homicide in 2016.

Daryle Allums, January 2017

Daryle Allums, January 2017

Daryle quickly became a guiding force of our story, and helped us to report for the remainder of the year, even as his own friends and family members continued to be shot at, and killed. He and Snap Judgment producer Adizah Eghan are the co-hosts of "Counted: An Oakland Story." 

Adizah Eghan

Adizah Eghan

The story we found was surprising, tragic, and hopeful all at once. We spent a year with people whose lives intersect with deadly violence over and over again. In that time, we got to know victims posthumously, through their friends and family members. And we learned how difficult, important and dangerous the work of homicide prevention is in Oakland.

This story touches upon race, growing income inequality, poverty, and violence. There were many voices we weren't able to include in our one-hour episode. Find their stories here

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"Counted: An Oakland Story" was produced by Adizah Eghan, Anna Sussman, Shaina Shealy, Jonathan Jones, Pat Mesiti-Miller, Nancy Lopez, Jazmin Aguilera, Eliza Smith, and Pendarvis Harshaw.

  • Co-hosts of "Counted: An Oakland Story" are Adizah Eghan and Daryle Allums
  • Original Concept by Jonathan Jones
  • Original Score by Pat-Mesiti-Miller, Leon Morimoto, and Renzo Gorrio
  • Photography by Cinque Mubarak
  • Artwork by Abner Hauge, Teo Ducot, and Shaina Shealy
  • Additional production by Teo Ducot and Liz Mak
  • Special thanks to Fantastic Negrito and David Deporis for contributing music
  • Website by Teo Ducot, Jeremy Rue, and Shaina Shealy  
  • Executive Producers: Mark Ristich and Glynn Washington

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